Welcome to Cote du Soleil

Welcome to Côte du Soleil (pronounced cote du solay) - suppliers of luxurious, high quality Monoi de Tahiti products for your body, skin and hair. We distribute our range of Massage and Moisturizing Oils, Exfoliants, Soaps Candles and Body Creams through our Australian network of Resellers, Day Spas, Premium and Boutique Hotels and Resorts.  We also supply directly to overseas clients in the US, Asia and Europe. At Côte du Soleil, our inspiration has come from the Tahitian Islands where you would expect the effects of hot sun, wind and sea water to take their toll on the skin.

The inhabitants of French Polynesia have used the abundance of natural resources available to them, for skin and hair care for many centuries. Côte du Soleil has taken those ancient recipes and blended them with modern fragrances to create products which delicately nourish and purify the skin. Throughout our website, you will see the many benefits of our range of products from base materials we use, our selections of only the finest essential oils, extracts and fragrances as well as our focus on using natural, organic and chemical-free ingredients within our range of products.

For information about where to buy our products, please contact us.